My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade (Japanese Edition) (2006)

The Black Parade (Japanese Edition) (2006)

Artista: My Chemical Romance 
Álbum: The Black Parade (Japanese Edition) 
Año: 2006 
Género: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock 
País: USA 

1. The End.
2. Dead!
3. This Is How I Disappear
4. The Sharpest Lives
5. Welcome to the Black Parade
6. I Don’t Love You
7. House of Wolves
8. Cancer
9. Mama (featuring Liza Minnelli)
10. Sleep
11. Teenagers
12. Disenchanted
13. Famous Last Words
14. Blood (hidden track) 
14. Heaven Help Us (Bonus Track)
15. My Way Home is Through You (Bonus Track)
16. Kill All Your Friends (Bonus Track)

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