The Rasmus – The Rasmus (Japanese Edition) (2012)

The Rasmus (Japanese Edition) (2012)

Artista: The Rasmus 
Álbum: The Rasmus (Japanese Edition) 
Año: 2012 
Género: Alternative rock 
País: Finland 

1. Stranger
2. I’m a Mess
3. It’s Your Night
4. Save Me Once Again
5. Someone’s Gonna Light You Up
6. End of the Story
7. You Don’t See Me
8. Somewhere
9. Friends Don’t Do Like That
10. Sky
11. I’m a Mess (Accoustic)
12. Stranger (Accoustic)
13. Mess-Avalanche (Revamped by Pauli Rantasalmi)
14. Mysteria
15. Stranger (Felix Zenger Beatbox Remix)
16. Stranger Wanderer (remix by Dj Tuhat)
17. Sky (Piano by Aynsley Green)
18. Save Me Once Again (Piano by Aynsley Green)
19. I’m a Mess (Piano Version)
20. Stranger (Piano Version)

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