Trivium – Ember To Inferno (Japanese Edition) (2003)

Trivium - Ember To Inferno (Japanese Edition) (2003)

Artista: Trivium 
Álbum: Ember To Inferno (Japanese Edition) 
Año: 2003 
Género: Thrash metal, Metalcore 
País: USA 

01. Inception: The Bleeding Skies (instrumental) 
02. Pillars of Serpents
03. If I Could Collapse the Masses
04. Fugue (A Revelation)
05. Requiem
06. Ember to Inferno
07. Ashes (instrumental) 
08. To Burn the Eye
09. Falling to Grey
10. My Hatred
11. When All Light Dies
12. A View of Burning Empires (instrumental) 
13. Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies
14. The Deceived
15. Demon
16. The Storm
17. Sworn

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